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Why the road to the world of success is never straight


The road to the world of success or victory is never straight as it tends to pass through difficult and complex terrain.

As a traveler, you will meet with so many onlookers majority of whom will freely offer unsolicited negative messages aimed at discouraging you from continuing with your journey. 

Along the way, you will encounter failures, enemies, uncertainty, competition, and scarcity of resources among others.

It is your determination and focus on your mission that will motivate you to continue with your journey.

The purpose of the article is to encourage you to embark on the journey to your world of success despite the challenges along the way.

At the end of the journey, you will achieve your goals which will include happiness, personal growth, and development.

The key issues you have to consider are as follows;

Starting Point

Before you start your journey, you have to take stock of what you have that will help you during your journey.  You also have to get rid of all the burdens that are most likely to wear you out along the way.

In other words, you have to count your blessings instead of your burdens. You should capitalize on your blessings and discard and forget all your burdens.

You are endowed with natural blessings like the hands, legs, eyes, hearing, taste, smell, and feel that you can capitalize on.

You also have to evaluate yourself against the key success factors that include a positive mindset, passion, mission, belief, ability to plan, confidence, courage, focus, commitment, and integrity among others.

In summary, you have to know where you are and what you have in your favor while noting the odds against you during the planning phase of your journey.

You may need to enhance your capacity in some areas before you embark on the journey.

This may include sharpening your mission, reprogramming your mindset, and formalizing the planning among others.



You have to develop your mission that will indicate the purpose for your existence.

You should also identify goals that will enable you to achieve your mission.

Certainly, you cannot embark on a journey to an unknown mission.

If you do so, you will end up nowhere. A journey must have clear starting and ending points. You cannot reach your destination if the two points are not clear.

Success Mindset

Success depends on how your mind is tuned. The mind can be tuned in either success or failure mode. 

You can only succeed in your journey if your mind is tuned in a success mode.  

You have to reprogram your mindset if it is either in the negative mindset mode or has remnants of negativity.

Success first comes into the mind before it manifests itself in reality.

Therefore, you cannot succeed in your mission if your mind is preoccupied with failure or negativity.

Belief in yourself

Many people fail to start their journey to their mission because they entertain fear of failure in their minds.

They also do not believe in themselves that they can do it and they are worried about everything in the journey.

You have to believe in yourself that you can do it and certainly you will do it.

You have to know that you are responsible for your success or failure in life.

Planning the journey

You must have a plan or road map that will guide you to move from your current state to your mission in life.

The plan should include goals and the actions to take to achieve your goals. You should identify risks that you are likely to meet along the way in the planning phase.

This will help you in developing a risk mitigation strategy. Your plan should also specify how you will measure your actual performance against the plan.

Monitoring Performance

You should develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you in measuring your performance over time against the KPIs.

The measuring of the performance will help in developing a performance improvement plan and enhancing the risk mitigation strategy for any identified risk exposures.


Success or failure in life is a personal choice depending on how you program your mindset.

You will achieve success if your mindset is in the success mode and failure if your mindset is fixed in the failure mode.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in life choose a road of success and follow it with determination and commitment.