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Success is attracted by those who aim at it

Success is when one achieves his or her purpose or mission in life. Success in life is not a chance achievement but a deliberate effort by someone to personally walk the journey to the world of success.

There are no universal formulas that one can select from to implement to achieve success. However, the ingredients or parts you require to use in designing your success plan are readily available from different sources.

The formulas designed and successfully implemented by the most successful people in the world are also readily available. However, many people face a challenge in this area because they do not invest effort and time in designing their formulas.

Many tend to use the copy and paste approach. You have to do it by yourself as copying someone else’s formula or ideas will not work for you as you have unique blessings in life.

Blessings in life

We are individually created by God with unique blessings that we can exploit during our journey of life. We are all created to succeed because of our unique blessings.

Despite the unique blessings, success in life is a personal choice and no one can force you to do it. You are at liberty to either successfully use or waste your blessings.

This is to our traditional proverb that states “You can lead the cow to the water but you cannot force it to drink it”.

Personal success formula

I struggled for success in the very beginning by doing all sorts of odd jobs but in all vain. Schooling helped me a little bit but I found myself through employment only helping people in their journey of success at the expense of my journey.

Through employment, traveling, and reading various inspirational books I picked some ideas that helped me to design my formula for success.

I have used the formula with a lot of success. The ingredients or parts of my formula are as follows;

  1. Positive mindset
  2. Belief
  3. Mission
  4. Plan
  5. Action
  6. Review

I will take you through each of the above ingredients or parts in the paragraphs below.

Positive mindset

A positive mindset refers to having an optimistic view or attitude toward life.  It is the deliberate effort to focus our mind on the good in every situation we have to happen to be in.

There is always light at the end of every difficult situation and no difficult situation will last forever. You cannot, therefore, succeed in your mission unless you are optimistic that you can do it.

You cannot succeed in any chosen mission if you have a negative view of it.

Belief in the Master of the Universe

We have to believe with 100 percent certainty that God, the master of the universe, who coordinates everything in life including our successful mission will guide us through our difficult journey towards our mission.

We have to believe that God created us with a mission to achieve and endowed us with all the unique blessings to do it.

The challenge some people face is trying to get practical evidence that believing in God works before they embark on their journey.


A mission is the purpose of your creation and could also be looked at as the reason you exist in this world. It is important to discover your mission in this world based on your life experiences and your unique blessings.

Once you have discovered your mission, the next step is to focus your mind on it. You have to program your mind to be tuned on your journey to the world of success. It is important to note that you cannot succeed in life unless you have a mission.


You have a journey of life to embark on that will take you from your current state to your mission or world of success. You cannot move to the world of success when you are not organized.

This is important because not every road will lead you to a world of success. You, therefore, need a plan with timelines, deliverables, checkpoints, commitments, and resources to guide you step by step from your current state to your mission.


Many people are good at dreaming and fail to take action on their dreams. Action is the time of execution whereby energy including time and other resources have to be spent as you work towards your mission.

You cannot succeed in life unless you focus your mind and physically spend your energy to achieve your mission. The journey to the world of success is a personal commitment that you cannot delegate to anyone.

Review or monitoring

At regular intervals, you have to review or monitor the progress you have made in your journey toward your mission. This is done to identify any obstacles or challenges that are slowing you down along the way.

You have to overcome the challenges to move forward. This may necessitate some adjustment in your plan but not your mission.


Therefore, the achievement of your success in life depends on a positive mindset, mission, belief, plan, action, and review. It is important to remember that commitment to achieve your mission is a personal choice hence the need to design and implement your success formula.