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How challenges have impacted my journey of life

My journey of life has not been a straight line.  I was welcomed into the world in the rural setting and my journey took me through the School of Hard Knocks which allowed me to benefit from the most important lessons of life earlier on in my journey. I have failed so many times without diminishing my determination for success. The purpose of this article is to share with you my life lessons and experiences in my journey of life so that you may learn from them.

You cannot avoid or run away from failure

I have come to appreciate that you cannot avoid or run away from failure in life.  Failure is part and parcel of life and therefore you have to be positive about it when it happens. There are two options to choose from when failure knocks on your door either to accept the failure and do nothing about it and therefore live with it or confront and overcome it. The choice is yours.

Positive mindset

When faced with challenges I spent more time cursing my misfortunes. I came to realize the more I cursed them the more they grew into mountains in my mind. Through school, I also learned that when you are faced with a “can’t” situation cancel “t” and remain with a “can” situation. In other words, “can” and “can’t” situations are just two states of mindset namely positive and negative mind-sets. With a “can” mindset or positive mindset you can confront and overcome any difficult situations. The “can’t” mindset or negative situation unfortunately tells you to accept your challenges and live with them,

I counted my blessings

I have come to appreciate that I wasted so much time during my youth counting my condemnations or gifts that I was not endowed with instead of counting my blessings. It was when I took advantage of my blessings that I started achieving my goals. Crying for what I did not have only complicated my situation.

Free life training platform

Challenges in life have provided me with a free life training platform that has enabled me to develop my capacity or skills to enhance my chances of success. My experience in failing and rising again to continue with my journey has helped me develop and implement my success formula and life mission.

Appreciate the importance of other people in our lives

As I walked my journey I realized that I could seek the support of other people with the right competencies to help me in my areas of weakness.  I came to appreciate it is practically impossible for me to overcome all challenges without seeking some support from other people because I am not talented in all areas. As I walk my journey I need support from other people in terms of technical advice, mentorship, moral guidance, encouragement, advice, and work-related issues among others. I apply a win-win formula to attract the right people to myself by assisting them in their areas of weakness.  I have practically seen that when I assist other people when they are in need, they also assist me when my time of need comes

Aim high to achieve high

As I developed my competence in confronting and overcoming challenges, I started to aim high to achieve high-value goals.  I am no longer scared of going for high-value goals that tend to be surrounded by bigger and more complex challenges. In the process, I am increasingly becoming better and better because of handling complex projects.   I am currently handling a project to implement a viable and sustainable eco-friendly farm.

Humbling experience

I was often quite worried about my background as I feared it would negatively affect my success. During my life journey, I have gone through a humbling experience of rubbing shoulders with poverty. I can assure you that this phase was not easy. I walked barefoot, wore torn clothes, lived on a meagre income level, and sought assistance from other people.  I went through this phase with a positive mindset as I focused more on the bright part of life. I concluded that challenges are not permanent, they come and go. This humbling experience motivated me to work hard to leave this world better than I found.


Have the challenges along my journey shaped my destiny? Yes, they have greatly shaped me to be what I am.  I came to realize that challenges are part and parcel of life and that a world without challenges does not exist. It does not matter how big the challenges are they can be overcome. The challenges provide a ladder to the world of success.