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The key challenges in your success journey

A success journey is a long process involving personal change that will enable one to achieve his or her personal goals.

Personal change involves changing from old retrogressive habits to new progressive habits.

The journey is never straight as along the way you will encounter many challenges of varying magnitudes that prevent you from quickly succeeding in life.

The following are the key challenges that will prevent or delay you in achieving your goals in life;


The Mindset is a set of attitude beliefs or mental attitudes one holds towards success.

The attitudes could be either progressive (positive) or retrogressive (negative) towards success.

A positive attitude or belief toward success enhances your energy and determination to achieve success.

The negative attitude towards success on the other hand reduces your energy and determination to achieve success.

It is therefore easier to achieve success with a positive mindset and impossible with a negative mindset.

A positive mindset is important because success first germinates in the mind before it shows itself in real life.

Lack of mission

The mission is the reason why you exist in the world. You exist to accomplish your mission or purpose which will result in the achievement of personal goals.

Without a mission to aim at, you cannot have goals and without goals to achieve, a person just roams about and gets lost in the world.

Lack of belief

Many people do not have the courage and faith to embark on their journey to the world of success because they do not believe in themselves that they can do it.

Certainly, no one will support you or believe in you unless you believe in yourself.

You have to find a way of neutralizing your lack of belief in yourself.

Lack of plan

A plan is a roadmap that includes the mission, goals, resources, and time budget for the journey.

It also specifies key deliverables, key performance indicators (KPIs), and the key risks with their mitigation strategy.

The plan will guide you during the process of moving from your current state to your desired future state.

Without a plan to guide you during your journey, you will get lost and confused resulting in your failure to achieve your goals.

Lack of action

This is when you procrastinate about starting or embarking on a journey to the world of success because of several trivial issues.

You will not achieve your mission if you do not take prompt action. With time, the assumptions and other parameters in the plan will no longer be appropriate.

Review of progress

This phase gives you a chance to review the progress you have made in your journey against the plan.

This will enable you to identify areas that are wanting or slowing down the progress for remedial action.


You need to identify key challenges early enough in the journey to enable you to develop and implement a risk mitigation strategy.