Good customer care will always make you a winner

Good customer care will always make you a winner.

Why do businesses exist?

Businesses exist to produce goods and services that satisfy and meet customers’ needs. Without customers. These businesses will have only the option to close down. For the customers to know more about the products and services of the company, they have to interact with its employees hence the need for the employees to know and appreciate customer care guidelines and how to use them when interacting with the customers.

What is customer care?

Customer care relates to the treatment of customers with respect and kindness so that they get that unique or memorable and positive experience when they interact with the brand of the company. A brand, therefore, is the unique or memorable experience that customers get when they interact with the company, its products and services, and its employees. The experience is unique because it is different from that being provided by the competition.

Why customer care?

Customer care is necessary because a unique customer experience is the only distinguishing factor when a business is in the marketplace facing competition. Competition is normally stiff in businesses offering the same products and services as the competition. For example, this is the case with supermarkets, grocery stores, and fuel stations among others. Customers can only return to the same business depending on the experience they received during their last visit.

Role of staff

All staff in the company exist to provide that unique customer experience, the brand when they interact with the customers. Therefore, the key role of all employees is to provide that consistent unique experience when they are attracting, serving, and retaining customers. Whatever employees do should enhance the unique experience customers get when they interact with them.

Customer care centre

The customer care centre should be manned by highly trained customer care staff whose role is to manage the relationship with customers. They address or attend to customers’ concerns which include answering calls and emails and providing appropriate assistance and advice to the customers.

A happy customer

A happy customer is someone who feels at home whenever he or she is interacting with the brand of the company. This is so because he or she enjoys that wonderful experience that the company offers and does not mind repeating the enjoyment of the experience over and over.

A happy customer

Benefits of good customer care

Good customer care offers a lot of benefits all resulting from the uniqueness of experience enjoyed by customers that contribute to the company’s revenue growth. The following are some of the benefits derived from good customer care;

  1. Repeat business from existing customers;
  2. Increases customers’ trust in your brand;
  3. Business referrals from current customers;
  4. Favourable comments in newspapers or online;
  5. Saves money for the business as customer retention is cheaper than new customer acquisition;
  6. Customers are willing to pay more for the products and services because of unique customer experiences;
  7. Reduction of customer complaints because they are happy interacting with wonderful employees who represent the brand;
  8. Reduces labour turnover because staff enjoy their experience with the brand;
  9. Unique customers experience enhances the growth of lifetime value and
  10. Customer care service improves the brand and image of the company.

Red flags in customers’ relationship management

Several signs may show challenges in the area of customer care and they include the following among others;

  1. Customer complaints about the brand represented by the company, its products and services, and the employees;
  2. There are no adequate tools to monitor customer relationship practices leading to customers’ complaints remaining unattended to;
  3. Not getting regular customer feedback;
  4. High labour turnover;
  5. Weak social media strategy;
  6. Lack of attention to comments on the brand in the media;
  7. Reducing repeat business from existing customers;
  8. Reducing referral business from existing customers, and
  9. Lack of value addition to customers at the expense of maximizing profits.


The customers are the reasons why businesses exist without them businesses will go under.  The customers will continue buying products and services of the company provided they are accorded a unique customer experience when they interact with the brand represented by the company, employees, and products and services. Therefore, become a winner in the market by going the extra mile and offering your customers that unique experience that the competition is not offering.