Your body language can help you in winning every time you present (Part 4)

Your body language can help you in winning every time you present

You are free to communicate either verbally or non-verbally through the signs you make using your body. You can use your body signs to convey a good or bad message to the audience. Your body will for sure communicate what is in your mind. The body communication tends to give more information than the verbal message through phone. This may be one of the reasons for holding face to face meetings with the audience. You will get more from the audience through the body communication. For example you can tell the impact of your presentation on the audience by observing the behaviour of the audience. The audience is not interested in your presentation if a number of them are sleeping.

Meaning of communication

It has been confirmed through research that spoken words, the body movement account and the voice account 7%, 55%, 38% of the meaning of communication respectively. Through the voice and body movements one may get up to 93% of the meaning of the communication with words contributing only 7%. Through watching the body movements and voice tone one can tell whether the presenter is either in a happy or bad mood.


 Non –verbal communication

The no-verbal ways of communication are many including the following among others;


Your body language therefore plays a key role in your presentation as it contributes to about 55% of the meaning of communication.

Interpretation of body signs

You have to identify and interpret the body signs of the audience in order to adjust your presentation to make it more appealing   to the audience. If for example some members of the audience are chatting to each, it means your presentation is boring and not interesting to the audience. You have to adjust your presentation in order to make it more appealing. Remember you have to receive positive response from the audience.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited