You must win every time you present (Part 3)

You must win every time you present

The capacity and quality of presentation has experienced the greatest advancements  due to technological developments in the area of information technology.There are currently many presentation equipment and software available on the market which one can use to make high impact presentation. It is the quality of the equipment and software one uses during the presentation that is giving a competitive adavantage. For example you can show a video using a TV or a computer through LCD projector on to a large screen. The tools you use in the presentation matters a lot as far as building your image is concerned. Modern presenters tend to use modern tools and their quality of presentation is often determined by the quality of tools used. The old technology tends to be quite slow and does not give the presenter the flexibility of preparing high impact IT facilitated presentation. Today’s presentations are in different forms including hard copies, PowerPoint slides or Prezi slides among others.

Use of modern technology can make you win

With modern technology one is able for example to use a computer and LCD projector to project the presentation on the big screen.


High impact quality presentations have the capacity to enhance the concentration levels of the audience.  This is so because you can include videos, animations and comments from authorities in your presentation. It is also possible to link with other members of your team who are unable to physically attend the presentations  through the use of Skype or teleconference.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited