You must win every time you present ( Part 2)


Your physical appearance or looks matters a lot when you are making a presentation. Remember your mission is making a winning presentation. On the stage or in front of the audience, you have to be in formal business attire with a warm smile, a high spirit and   a good look. You have to present to the audience with confidence in order to attract their attention. Sometimes you require to be very courageous to speak what requires to be spoken instead of putting issues under the carpet. The way you appear may switch on or off the concentration of the audience. You should avoid strange looks as the audience  might concentrate more on your strange looks at the expense of your presentation. Your appearance will enhance your chances of getting a positive response from the audience on the subject matter. You have to be aware of the dress code of places like National Parliament, clubs and meetings of some professional bodies for fear to be thrown out as a result of not observing the dress code.


Take advantage of your physical appearance

Your appearance will benefit or disadvantage you depending on your mindset.  There are so many people who are not as gifted in appearance but have turned their strange look into an advantage. Therefore do not be negative about yourself   because of height, weight and lack of beauty among other things. For example Moses Kawooya has applied his huge stomach to perform belly dance. He is able to entertain all type of VIPs who come to Uganda.


My belly gives me so much’: Ugandan dancer Moses Kawooya, 59, weighs 243lb and performs for visiting presidents with his ‘magic belly’. His dad and grandfather had the same physique, and it earns him a living. Photograph: Benedicte Desrus

You can attract other people to yourself

You can use your physical appearance to attract other people to yourself to enable you convey a message to them. Some of the successful physically handicapped people take advantage of their handicap to attract other people to themselves for winning presentations. They take full advantage of their blessings to make a difference in their life and to inspire other people to succeed in life.

Nick Vujicic – No arms no legs no worries




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited