You must win every time you present ( Part 1)

You must win every time you present

We make presentations for purposes of getting a positive response from the audience on the subject matter. For example after a sales presentation, you expect to get orders to purchase your goods or services from the audience. But making a presentation is not as easy as it sounds. It is not a matter of   standing or sitting in front of a board or audience and speaking. It is about making a presentation which will persuade the board or the audience to your side of thinking, hence getting their approval of your proposal or suggestion .


Therefore making a winning presentation requires a lot of planning and practice and you will find some of the ideas below quite helpful.

Clear understanding of the needs of audience

You have to know the audience you are presenting to in order to have a clear understanding of its needs. You have to carry out a research on the audience in order to appreciate them better. You need some information on the background, sector issues, gender distribution, interests and values , needs,  hot issues and  no go areas  of the target audience among other things.

This will enable you to focus your  presentation on the needs of the audience. It is advisable to reconfirm the needs of the audience in early stages of presentation. Remember the purpose of the presentation is to get a positive response from the audience on the subject matter.


Time management

You have to confirm the time given to you for the presentation in order to prepare a presentation that fits within the allocated time. Do not fit too much within the time given to avoid too much rushing through your presentation. Do not give too much information as it can cause information indigestion.


The time in away guides you on the extent of the research you have to do. A five minutes presentation may not require so much research when compared to a 2 hour presentation. Time is to guide you during the presentation and not to punish.


You can enhance your chances of winning   

Your chances of making a winning presentation are enhanced by the following aspects;

  • Your appearance
  • the tools you use
  • Your body language
  • the supporting team



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited