You can liberate yourself from the prison of fear

You can liberate yourself from the prison of fear

 Fear is an emotion caused by perception of danger or threat to one’s life which can be real or imagined. Fear can arise from real danger like existence of lions around your home. Fear can also be imagined through superstitions and beliefs. Fear can prevent you from succeeding in life as your efforts become diverted to either fighting fear or running away from it.


Fear can cause so many behaviours in people including silence, shaking, hiding, running away, freezing and various body disorders.

Overcoming fear

You cannot overcome your fear by just running away from fear or pretending that fear does not exist. Fear is real in your mind because you have made your mind believe that fear exists. You have to drive fear out of your mind if you have to defeat it. You have to confront fear with all your mighty and determination in order to overcome it.


Ignorance is breeding ground for fear

Fear comes about as a result of ignorance. Ignorance is when you live in a state of being uninformed. In situations of fear one lacks correct information on the subject matter. For example many of us fear going to or through a graveyard at night for fear that we will be grabbed by the bad spirits.  This is all superstitions as the spirits do not exist in the grave yard. No one has been grabbed by the spirits and yet scaring stories are told about the graveyard.


Planning to minimise uncertainty

Many people if at all only remember the dates when they were born and they have no idea about the purpose of their creation. I get surprised when I get funny answers from people when I ask them what they believe in their mind is the purpose of their creation. Many do not clearly know the purpose of their creation. You cannot make any plan to succeed in life unless you know the mission or the purpose of the plan. The plan is intended to help you during your journey to the world of success. Lack of planning always results in fire fighting situations and in untold fear of the unknown.


Risk averse

There are people who are so much scared of risk to the extent they fear taking any risk until they are convinced that the risk has been minimised to the lowest level possible. These are risk averse people. They will do all what they can to reduce the level of risk to the lowest or else they will not take any action if the risk cannot be reduced to their satisfaction. To succeed in life one has to take some degree of managed risk.  The return you will get in life will correspond to the risk undertaken.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited