You can inspire others by putting a smile on their face

You can inspire others by putting a smile on their face

Herman Kasekende CEO of Standard Chartered Bank hands over a house to Francis Ssekatawa, 14, and Livingstone Ssempebwa, 17 of  Kiboga district.

A smile on your face is a sign of self-esteem indicating that you know you are confident of the future. It is a sign that you have a positive approach to various life situations both good and bad.   Life with all its challenges is a gift to be enjoyed with a smile on the face. A smile is a sign that one has overcome the enemy number 1 of fear. For sure someone who is in the prison of fear cannot afford a smile on the face. A smile on face makes it easy to build profitable and wonderful relationships which is necessary for success in life. We have therefore to make a point to put a smile on face of people we meet during our journey to the world of success.   With a genuine smile on your face you can build relationships which will make you and others succeed in life.


Put a smile on your face

In life you need the support of the people who you will meet during your journey to your world of success hence the need to give them a smile. You have to build good relationships with people you meet on your way up as you may need them on your way down.


Put a smile on the face of needy people

There so many needy people around you who do not have a smile on their face. They are lonely and do not have enough basic necessities of life to live on. I am sure you have a lot resources in your house which you have no immediate use but keeping them for the sake of keeping them.  Why not give them away and the act of giving will put a smile on the face of those in need.


Put a smile on the face of the child

I am sure on many occasions you meet many children who are gloomy as they are not happy for one reason or another. Many of them   do not want to do what they have been asked or ordered to do.  Children can do anything and provided what you want them to do will put a smile on their face. The little girl below was able to help in the work because of the expected reward of  wheelbarrow ride.


Put a smile on the face of your  colleagues

Are you a type of manager who makes staff rush to the washrooms and stores to hide away from you when they see you coming to the office? Doe s your arrival  put a smile on the face of staff. People should be happy that you are around instead  of  praying that you do not come for one reason or another. You have the power to moderate the mood of the people around depending on the mood you arrive with. When you are arrive with a gloomy face everyone in the office may tend to be gloomy because the CEO has a serious face. When you arrive with a smile, everyone in the office will have a smile on the face because the CEO arrived with a smile.


Put a smile on the face of a gate keeper

I am sure you pass through your gate so many times in a day and the gatekeeper opens  and closes the gate without complaining. The gatekeeper sees you going out for lunch and coming back when you are quite satisfied. Do you ever remember to say hallo to the gatekeeper? Do you remember to surprise the gatekeeper with something to eat? Do you give your gateman any gifts? Make a day for your gatekeeper by putting a smile on his face. You keep frauds and terrorists at bay when the gatekeeper has a smile on his face. Seriousness does not mean you carry a  tough  face!



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited


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