The world never stops in order for you to overcome your life challenges

In life we face various challenges which make us become emotionally weak, speechless and frustrated. We eventually develop hatred, anger, jealous, confusion, heartache and sickness among others as a result of the challenges. It is important to note that the world will move on despite your challenges in life. You therefore have to be prepared to overcome your life challenges as no one else will overcome them on your behalf.



During our life journey we meet so many challenges including the following;

  • Death of relatives and friends
  • Loss of a job
  • Being abandoned by a spouse
  • Your house being taken after a mortgage
  • Your car crushing after a terrible accident
  • Long severe illnesses
  • Divorce
  • Theft
  • Risk which results in loss
  • Business closure/collapse
  • Failing your final exams and time elapses you don’t graduate
  • Reaching late at the airfield and the plane leaves, you lose business
  • Stress and depression
  • Loneliness
  • Being offended

It is impossible to live a fruitful life without facing the above challenges. The challenges create for you an opportunity to become an expert



Tips on how to overcome life challenges

Positive mindset

You have to develop a positive approach to the various daily life challenges. The challenges are many but they are not impossible to overcome if you apply a positive approach. You have to develop a Never Give Up determination in overcoming life challenges



You have to develop and implement your mission statement highlighting the reason for existence on this planet. Everything you do will be focused on the achievement of your mission. The challenges in life will energize you to achieve your mission in life. Your eyes must be focused on your mission in life despite the many challenges you will meet during your life journey.Screenshot_12

Plan your journey of life

A plan is necessary to guide you during your journey to the world of success. The plan will include the timing, resources and activities required to achieve you mission. The plan should also include the implementation strategy.


You have to believe in yourself as having the capacity to overcome the life challenges. Your beliefs about yourself must be positive.


Moving forward with implementation strategy

Life challenges can slightly delay you but should not prevent you from implementing the various activities as indicated in your plan.


Resolving challenges

For the identified challenges consider using the problem solving formula to overcome them.

Monitor and review

Always set side time to monitor and review the progress you have on your journey. A positive approach should be applied to any challenges identified. There may be a need to make changes to the plan because of changed environment.


The world never stops for you to overcome your life challenges and therefore learn to solve challenges as you move on during your life journey to success.





Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki