Dear Master of the Universe

You have given me a wonderful morning

The sun is coming out from where it went last night with bright colors

The moon is disappearing very fast

The stars are becoming very deem and disappearing

The birds have woken up

The animals have started eating

The insects and other endangered species are taking cover

The wind is blowing the trees very gently

I can see the green vegetations

The clouds are collecting to shield me from the hot sun

The rivers are flowing as yesterday

The lakes are calm

The fish is going into hiding

All this is taking place as you organised it.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see a new day as it unfolds

Thank you for waking me up in time to watch the spectacular

Dear Master give me the wisdom through out  the day to appreciate your hand in what I have seen.

Give me the wisdom to be grateful to you until the end the day

Dear Master be my companion throughout the day and keep me away from meandering into areas which do not please.




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