Without a mission in life you are heading no where


You may be wondering why you are on planet. Are you lost and you do not know where you came from? Are you a refugee and you need to go back home assuming you know where you came from? Were you sent here for a purpose?  Yes we are all officially on earth by the design of the Master of the Universe for a purpose.  We have been sent for a short time within which we must accomplish our mission. We are all here to succeed in life and not to fail as God does not create failures. We are all here to live this world better than we found it.

God’s Plan for us

Failing in life is your personal decision and not God’s plan.  You were created to succeed in the way you are.   The lists of people who have succeeded in life include the following;

  • Men and women have succeeded
  • Children have succeeded
  • Blind people have succeed
  • Deaf people have succeeded
  • Lame people have succeeded
  • Black and white people have succeeded

Why then do you want to exclude yourself from the success list?  It is time to wake up and take a road to success.


What is your responsibility to the world?

You were not created for nothing but with mission to accomplish. You have to leave your evidence behind that you ever settled on earth. Future degenerations have to see your footsteps.  What is the purpose of walking on earth you have no intention of living behind your footsteps.


Do not fear to adventure

There are no qualifications like degrees you need to attain to succeed in life. You only need a qualification of positive mindset.  The Master of the Universe will provide the road map and what you require to march to success.  Do not waste time therefore looking for places where they train in success.  The qualification is just adjusting your mindset to a positive mode


Cowards do not deserve to live

God created you with stamina and strength to succeed in life.  It is you who is scared of embarking on a journey to success.    You are a coward who tends to hide and seek with a hope you will succeed. Forget about being a coward because success is a reward for the brave and hard working people.


Success will not find you in your bed

You cannot discover your mission with your hands in your pocket or when you are in your bed. You have to take action and move around to  see resources and opportunities the universe provides. While you move around, you will see how others are exploiting the resources for their success using the five senses.   I am sure you will discover you five senses and mind which you are not effectively utilizing


How do you know you have not succeeded in life?

God created you for a purpose and you will not leave the world unless you have  achieved it. This purpose is success in life and do not change to failure in life.  If you do not succeed you will have created your own   hell while you are still on earth.


Remember you will be accountable to God your creator

I will not be there when you are before the master of the Universe, he will remind you I gave you all the wisdom and the resources what did you do with them?


You must be ready and willing to develop a positive approach to life as you move on the lonely journey of success as you achieve your mission and purpose in life.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited