Be a winner every time you make a presentation (Part 1)

In life we are continuous on stage inviting other people to listen to our point of view.  Drawing attention of people to your point of view is the most difficult aspect of presentation. You are often not quite sure how you will make other people listen to you without losing interest in your presentation. How do you avoid sending people to sleep? How do you avoid people talking to each other during your presentation because they are bored?  The following are some of the   tips from personal experience;

Make up your mind to win

Winning takes some time and is not a matter of jumping on the stage and you win. You have to make up your mind to win. It becomes very easy to win one your mind is made up. Remember whatever you put in your mind becomes a reality.



Your mission is to get a positive response on your presentation from the audience. You are looking for a yes to your request.


You have to plan

You need to develop and roll out a winning strategy. You have to understand the needs of the audience in order to win them to your side. The winner is the one who understands the needs of the potential customer better. All this is achieved through proper planning.


Your appearance matter a lot

You may have everything it takes to win but your appearance may let down. You have to be dressed to win. Remember a potential is a king and you have to put on attire befitting to be in the presence of a king.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited