Life isn’t easy as I used to think

I will succeed

It’s because when I think success

I see it comes


I will succeed!

It’s because I have to try time and again

That I will succeed!

I know that I am worth and I never settle for less

I will succeed!


When I dream success

I see it comes

When I touch success

It fates away

Success Success

I will succeed!


Not that I know not how nice it is,

Not that I feel I have you to please,

It’s just that to think of “success” everyday

And that I have heard many say;

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal!


I want success you want success

All I want is to succeed

Dream is success

Power wants success

Think wants success

Time wants success

Happy hide in success

And for that I will succeed!



Atwijukire Deborah



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