I will praise you Lord


Almighty Eternal Father, you are all I have, you are all I need

Lord, you know me inside and out

You know all my plans and what lies ahead of me, you hold my future

You know about my pain and distress,

You understand the fears of my heart

I will always lean on you

I draw my strength from your endless love

And live in your limitless grace

Trusting in You

When I feel stressed, help me to lift my eyes heavenwards and breathe in your peace.

When I feel tried, be my  strength.

When I feel irritable, help me to draw near to you and fill up my heart with love.

When I feel inadequate, help me to live in your grace and rest in the knowledge that you are with me.

When I fell down, help me to hear your voice bringing new inspiration and insight into my life.

As I rest tonight speak your word into my heart, let me hear voice Lord

Protect me throughout the night, I surrender my life into your hand.

I bless your Holy name. Amen