I will not fear

Dear Lord, I come before you to adore you, to praise and worship you Holy Father

I thank you Lord for allowing me enjoy this wonderful day

I thank you Lord for the gift of life

I believe in you alone Lord

For you are the Master of my destiny

You hold my future

I submit all my plans into your hand Lord

Guide me to move into the path of your righteousness

I am not scared of anything ahead of me because you are my protector,

you always move ahead of my circumstances

You always open the door for me

Whom shall I fear? Since you are always with me

I thank you Lord for your divine mercy, for your daily intervention, for your unconditional love and above all for your abundant blessings.

As am about to rest tonight, Lord be in full control of my life, dreams and my thoughts, guide me and use me to do your will. In your name I pray. Amen