You will fail in life for reasons of your own (Part 2)

You will fail in life for reasons of your own

You will fail in life because you are a miser interested only in accumulating and not spending. To earn money you must be prepared to spent on ventures which will give you a reward. You are also interested on sitting on the fence to laugh at other people instead of pursuing your own goal.


Wrong people you associate with

You will not succeed in life if you associate with wrong people who have a negative mindset. Do not associate with people who are lazy with no determination to succeed in life.


Fail to Start

It is very easy to jump on the stage and keep quiet and extremely difficult to act and make people laugh. Some people find it extremely difficult to start the journey to the world of success. Some need a lot of encouragement to start and others can only act when they are forced by circumstances.


Lack of expert help

A good number of people fail in life because they do not want to consult experts for help. They gamble on issues which are not clear to them and they obviously end up as failures in life. I have seen so many people struggling for example to prepare a business plan instead of using professionals to advise them.


Lack of patience

You need a lot of patience to succeed in life. You may fail to get what you want many times. Keep trying until you get what you want.   It requires a lot of patience to fail and try again until you succeed in life.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited