You will fail in life for reasons of your own (Part 1)

You were created by God to succeed in life provided you follow the highway to success.  You are therefore 100% responsible for your success or failure in life. You have to determine your own mission and your own plan or highway to implement your mission. The challenge in life is on agreeing on the mission and the designing of the implementation plan.

You do not know the purpose of living

You cannot succeed in life if you do not know the purpose of why you were created. It looks simple but that is where most people are stuck. You were created to succeed in life and not to fail. You have however the  liberty to change the purpose for which you were created to failure. There are those who think they were created to fail and there is nothing they can do about it.


Negative mindset

Your mindset matters a lot on whether you will succeed or fail in life. You are a liberty to program your mind in either success or fail mode. Successful people always program their mind in positive mode and those who think they were created to fail program theirs in a negative mode. You fail in life if you deliberately program your mind in negative mode.


Lack plan

You cannot succeed in life unless you have a mission and plan to implement your mission. A plan enables you to move from your current state to desired future state. The plan enables you to effectively use the resources available at your disposal to achieve your mission.


They lack capacity

To succeed in life you must have the capacity to move you from your current state to the future state. You need the necessary knowledge and skill to move forward. You need a given level of wisdom backed by experience in order to make correct decisions


They do not believe in themselves

You cannot succeed in life unless you believe in yourself. People will only believe in you if you believe in yourself. Do you believe your were created to succeed? Do believe you have the capacity to succeed?  If your answer is a ‘no’ then you cannot succeed in life.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited