Why I enjoy my farm

The farm has been designed and developed to be attractive and enjoyable to both  workers  and visitors with a number of different interesting activities. The  attractive environment   enables the employees to produce quality goods and service  in addition of  providing  good customer service The following  are a number of  enjoyable  activities that I enjoy  when I am at the farm;

Feeding the fish

I enjoy seeing the excitement of fish swimming from different corners of the ponds towards me  when  they notice  I have arrived with fish  feed. They grab the feed as  soon as I drop it in the water. There is literally a fight for feed between tilapia and catfish. The catfish is  rather slow in swimming  when compared to  tilapia  but quite strong  and can cannibalize the  small tilapia.

Forest wall

There is a lot to see, touch , feel ,  hear and smell when I go for  the forest wall. The noise of insects and birds are quite entertaining.  I  have to  be alert as I walk  lest I  step on the safari ants that   cause me  a lot of nuisance when they enter my clothes  . I sometimes site monkeys and tree climbing squirrels jumping from one tree to another.

Flower gardens

It is a wonderful site to see different types  of flowers as I walk around the farm. I am  always welcome by the scent of  the night rose in case  my walk  is early in  the morning. Later on  in the day the flowers attract bees ,  butterflies and other insects  that  are exciting to see.

Bamboo forest

The farm has two  small bamboo forests on about half an acre each  which provide a cool  breeze throughout the day. I get refreshed  especially in the afternoons when I spend some time  relaxing under the  bamboo forests.  Bamboo plants are the fastest growing plants that  I have come across achieving over 10 feet in a year.

Swamp walk

I sometimes  take a  swamp walk that takes me through  the soggy grounds using the improvised crossing areas.  The swamp is  of about two and half acres. Here I  come face to face  with animals, insects,  birds and plants that make  swampy areas their home.  On some days I  meet monkeys relaxing on the  swamp walk ways and  they reluctantly give me  way to continue with my walk.  I use the swamp to recollect in my mind the importance of sustainable farming.

Local guavas

There are a lot of guavas both local and exotic that I love eating as I walk around the farm. The guavas   are   randomly distributed all over the farm courtesy  of  monkeys , birds and other wildlife that distribute  the seeds all over the farm. These seeds germinate into mature guavas that I enjoy as I walk around the farm.


I know  farmers do not like  spending a bit of time   at  farms because of  lack enjoyable activities that they can be involved in . The enjoyable activities should include  leisure gardens, paths for nature  walk,  trees, flower gardens,  different crops , animals , farm house equipped as a second home on the farm .  I always look forward  going to  the farm because of the enjoyable  activities that  I have  incorporated in the design of the farm.