Why do people fear most? (Part 2)

Why do people fear most?

You must be prepared to fight enemy number one to success that is fear. It is quite difficulty to run away from fear as it is within your mind.  The only weapon you have is to change your mindset on fear by just dropping the fear imaginations you are entertaining  in your mind.


Fear of Failure

Many people when they are designing their life plans do not factor in the possibility of failure as they cannot ever imagine themselves failing in life. I get surprised with answers I get when I ask people at interview whether they have ever failed in life.  You will get some saying they have never failed in life. This may be true because they have never done anything on their own. Many people spend their time in employment helping other people to achieve their missions.  At one time I was determined to convince a professor friend of mine to start a business. I could not believe the answers I got back from the professor as the answers were not properly researched. He clearly said he was not prepared to venture into a situation which could lead him to failure. He said he had never failed in life and therefore he could spoil his profile by venturing into a sector where his achievement to-date would not count. He said clearly he did not want to be associated with a sector full of failures in education with a hope of getting their support to succeed in business. Obviously the professor’s definition of success was myopic as it was linked to success in education.  It occurred to me the professor did have a wider view of success in life because he was imprisoned with the fear of failure. He could not touch anything for fear of failure. In his mind he was not afraid of anything. To me his number one enemy was fear of failure and he did anything where his chances of success were almost guaranteed. The world would be a wonderful place if people were prevented by fear of failure from venturing into ventures which will make them succeed in life.


Fear of success

I am sure majority of people pray for success in their life without any reservation. I personally would not mind if I did a deal and it gave a return in millions of dollars. I would not mind flying first class, eating in fast places and   dressing in fast class suits among other big ideas. I have never imagined in my mind of failing to fit in the first class standards. There are some people however who fear success because they are not prepared and equipped to handle success. They fear that their friends will abandon them. They fear that some people will send them bad omen. Some people cannot talk about the blessings because of the fear of success in their mind.  Many successful people do not want the public to know about their success. They do not want to share their success story with others because of fear. When I was in Kenya in 1980s a friend from Kisumu invited me to his rural ancestral home. We travelled to Kisumu in his new Peugeot car, we drove up to Sunset Hotel in Kisumu for lunch and we parked our car and proceeded to his home by public means. His house in the village was very simple compared to his wonderful house in Nairobi.  Later on in the evening I asked him why we had to go by public transport to his home area.  He said not everybody in the village was happy with his success and anything could happen. I guessed in my mind of the issues to do with witchcraft. Therefore some people fear of success because they believe that success would attract bad luck to them.


Fear of being rejected

Some people fear being rejected by the community  because of having a contrary view which is 100% correct but is not acceptable by the community. They cannot imagine themselves being rejected because of having contrary view. Some people abandon their correct view and join the majority for the sake of being accepted. However there are a number of situations where the truth is not a matter of majority view. I have witnessed situations where some people  have died let us say of HIV/AIDS but no one can dare  say so because everyone in the area believes the death is as  result of witchcraft. Obviously the truth not coming out will lead to the death of more people through the surviving partners spreading the disease to other people if they are still sexually active.  For long term success in life, you are always better off to be on the side of the truth even if it means you being rejected by the community.


The only thing left to do is to quit your job, burn your house down and move to a new city.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited