Why do people fear most? (Part 1)

Why do people fear most?

Fear is an emotion or feeling created in your mind by an imagined challenge or risk imaged. For example when I was young I was told by parents never to venture outside our home  at night as if I did so  I would be  captured  by  evil spirits  and taken  to unknown places for torture. In my mind I always imagined being captured and tortured by evil spirit and therefore I would avoid being outside our home at night. I was always full of fear whenever I ventured out of the home in dark because of the scare my parents created in my mind. The cause of fear was the imagined evil spirits which in fact did not exist but only existed in my mind. The fear was real when I ventured at night outside our home. The change in the sound of the wind would make me freeze thinking that the spirits had come for me. I could only go out in the company of the grown-ups until I was matured enough to discover the scare was just created in mind to keep me at home during the night. There are a number of reasons why people fear and the following are some of them;

Fear of Public speaking

Some people develop instant headache and stomach upsets from the time they are told or requested to stand in front of public and present.  Their mind just freeze on the mention of standing in front of people to present. They start imaging of the worst which can happen during the presentation. I remember telling one day telling a young consultant to help in making a presentation to the audience of slightly over 100 people.  To begin with the consultant protested about the idea of making the presentation. Why me? I have never presented my Lord! Why do you want to torture me?  He protested. I insisted he had to present and I saw the young consultant slowing standing up and moving to the front to present. He in fact continued protesting to about the request to the audience.  A voice came from the audience that they wanted to hear his voice. At first the consultant run out of words and the throat became dry but I was at hand with some water. Slow by slow the consultant started presenting while sweating a lot. In fact the audience realised what was happening started encouraging the young consultant to carry on. When the presentation came to an end the audience clapped as a sign of approval of good trial. During the presentation the consultant developed headache and stomach upset because of terrible fear. I allowed the consultant to take a day off to cool down from the shock experienced during presentation. This was a turning point in the life of the consultant as he is today a star presenter.


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Fear of Poverty

Some people have the resources but yet they have in their mind the constant fear of the resources disappearing in thin air.   The fear of poverty blocks their mind from thinking of something else except the poverty. When the fear has taken over the mind, they even start classifying themselves as poor people and associating with people whom they think fall under the class of poor people. They start referring to other people whom they think are better than them as rich people or people with means and they develop a negative attitude towards them. Poverty becomes a reality in their mind and they even start behaving as poor people. Their capacity to think big disappears from the mind and they start concentrating of small ideas. They do what they can to run away from situations which will remind them of poverty but the more they do the more poverty becomes a reality in their mind. Some even justify their poverty as bad omen which has been sent to them by their enemies.  This imagination can make one sick to the extent of stopping them from   thinking and putting in place ways to overcome their situation. In the end poverty colonizes them and they start justify their position poverty as either God given or caused by bad omen and as such they can do nothing exception to wait for the intervention of spiritual powers.


Fear of Death

Many of us do not exactly understand death and why it has to take place. To make matters worse many people are not 100% certain in their mind   of what happens after death. There many questions in the mind of people about death which have no clear answers.  What makes it more challenging is no human being has ever died and returned to the world to explain to the living how the ‘world of the dead’ looks like.  Death even is even   not clear to medical doctors who have spent a lot of studying life. I have seen medical doctors crying when they lose a relative or close friend mainly because of their failure to prevent death. Medical doctors’ frustration is mainly due to the fact they do not have answers to prevent death.  There is therefore no verifiable information about life and death except what we get from Holy books. Therefore many people fear death because there is inadequate information about it. It is extremely difficult to put death in one’s plan as the time it will place is not known.  Fear of death becomes a reality if one does not take death as given and beyond his or her control. It is useless to fear and worry about situations which are beyond your control. The challenge we have is the time wasted when trying to worry about death which we cannot do anything about.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited

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