Why are you in business?

I am sure you want to be or you are already in business for purposes of making a return or profit  on the value of resources you have invested into the business.  The person who enables you to make a profit is a customer.  Your role therefore is to attract, serve and retain happy customers. Happy customers will in turn attract or refer other customers to you.  Other reasons for being in business have been advanced as follows;

  • Offering  quality goods and services
  • Making  money
  • Pursuing  a career in business
  • Being  happy
  • Pursuing a  passion
  • Helping  community
  • Competing with others

You are in business to implement your dream

The only reason you are in business is to implement your dream of success. Engaging in business enables you to make money through buying and selling of goods and services.


Business is built on relationships

Before customers   buy   your   goods and services, they have to know you and trust you. They have to know you and trust because of quality and sustainability challenges which the customers face on a daily basis.


Do not care what people say.

As you move along in your business you will   hear a lot of discouraging remarks from your relatives, friends and the general public. You have to mind your own business and forget about the negative comments.


Businesses plays key roles in development of economies

Some people engage in businesses   because they want to play a part in the development of their countries through payment of taxes and donating cash to finance community activities.


You have to  work very hard on business in order to succeed

Success means you have to be ahead of every one in your area of business. You have to work crazy hours in making your business succeed . You have to walk an extra mile in order to be ahead of the competition.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited