What is your purpose in life?

Many of us live in a world without knowing the purpose we were created? Were we created just to visit the world? Are we in the world to rest? Are we supposed to improve the world we live in? There are so many questions going in our minds. We therefore tend to struggle to live in this world as we do not know the purpose for our creation.

People around us including our parents, teachers, friends and employers make it even worse  by trying to influence  us to  adopt what they feel is the purpose for our creation. For sure no one can fix your goal except yourself. We cannot live other people’s goals but ours.

If you find yourself not clearly knowing why your are created then there is a need to therefore  reprogram your minds  as it is not properly programmed. You may have to delete most information and ideas put in your mind by people who have influenced our life.  Do not forget the people around us put in our mind information that they think is necessary for success in life. Most of the information put in our mind tends to be negative in nature! One is therefore not able to think outside the box. There are many don’ts and impossible put in our mind at early age.

We   have to think outside the box in search for our purpose in life.  Do not resign yourself to mediocre purpose when in actual purpose you can live a successful life.  Finding your purpose in life is incredibly rewarding, because that’s when you begin actualizing your dreams. Your dreams lie on the other side of uncertainty. “Chance favours the prepared mind” Louis Pasteur

Forget what other people expect you to do with your life.  It is your life and not theirs and your happiness and not theirs. Remember when you live misery the people who have influenced your life will not live in misery with you.

Going to school and receiving education is very good but the purpose for our creation is not to be a failure because of the knowledge you have received through formal education.

Most people want the “safe and secure” route in life, but nothing in life is ever certain. Follow your dream at all costs, because if you don’t it is you to suffer for life..

You’ve got to know that walking to the journey of success is lonelier with ups and downs, as “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile” Roger Staubach.  It is therefore you to live your life not your parents, spouse, brother and sisters, teachers and others will live it for you.

After all the above, what then is your purpose in life? We were created and flagged off on a journey to success but with freedom to choose not to follow the success road. You were therefore created to succeed and not to fail, Failure in life is a personal choice. From today make a decision to succeed in life through taking the following steps and you will be amazed at how things start working out perfectly when you do this.

The formula to success is as follows;

Success=Positive mindset+Mission+Plan+Belief+Action+Review

To succeed in life you must have a positive mindset with a clear mission and plan and strong belief supported action and regular review to ensure you are still on course.