What have you done in this world?

What have you done in this world

There is a tendency of human beings of complaining about things which are not properly being done and managed. I have had people complaining about corruption in government and private sector, unemployment, high level of poverty, poor education system, and lack of medicine in the hospitals, poor infrastructure and so on and on. What I know there are so many things to complain about in life if one chooses so.  I am sure we all know complaining about challenges with being proactive does not solve challenges. The challenges if not promptly acted upon may  even grow bigger and become more complicated.

Why were you created?

I am sure the reason of the creator putting you on earth is not just to complain about what is going wrong in the world but to take proactive action in order to live this world better than you found it.

Can we borrow a leaf from animals?

We can borrow a leaf from animals which to a large extent have deserved and implemented risk management strategies to ensure their survival. Most animals would be extinct if they had resorted to complaining about dangers facing them without taking action. Those which did are long extinct. For survival every animal knows to implement risk management strategy when faced with danger.


The above foxes have adopted to stay in an environment where skin of their bodies camouflages with the environment.

Do not waste time complaining

People who complain tend to waste both their time and the time of others who listen to their complaints. They bring about negativity in society which is counterproductive. It is important to note society has developed to the current extent not through complaining but by taking action to address and overcome challenges.


Do your part and others will do theirs

You may feel as an individual that you cannot take action as your contribution is a drop in the ocean.  In this regard do not forget the following African proverb of ‘ one by one makes a bundle.’Your small contribution will go a long way in solving the community  challenge. For example the high level of unemployment can easily be solved by people engaging in revenue earning activities which will require employment of people. It does not matter even if you create employment for one person. For example if  a million people went   into revenue earning activities with each creating one job  it will result with a million people being employed.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited