What does success in life mean?

success in life can lead to freedom


Success in life is when you achieve your mission in life. Your mission is quite different from other people missions because you are gifted differently from others. Therefore do not waste your time in adopting or copying other people’s missions as they will not work for you.   Only a mission tailored made to suit your blessings will make you succeed in life.

What is the key challenge to success in life?

You are created for a unique mission to achieve in this world otherwise there is no reason for your creation. This looks quite simple to achieve but the major challenge is often the   inability   to discover one’s   mission in life in order design a plan to achieve the mission. I trust you do not want to be among those people who live all their life without clearly knowing the purpose of their creation.  It is a waste of time for them. Without a mission it is impossible to   walk to any   destination.

What do you require to achieve success in life?

The following are the key issues which one has to address to in order to succeed in life;

  • Positive mindset

The way your mind is programmed determines whether you will succeed in life or not. Your mind may be programmed in either a positive or negative mindset modes. Your success in life is guaranteed if your mindset is programmed in a positive mode.  Your chances of succeeding are low if your mindset is negatively programmed.  We should not that the world we live in is full of   uncertainties which can only be overcome by people    with a positive mindset. The positive mindset enables one to approach various life situations with an open mind with the aim of finding   effective solutions.

  • Aim high

What one achieves in life depends on how high one aims in life.  Nature is quite interesting as it does not give you   exactly what you ask for but gives something in relationship of what you have aimed at   . If ask you nature for chicken most likely nature will give you chicken and not cows. If you ask for cows most likely nature will give the cows plus may be some   small animals.  In practice people who aim high tend to get more and people who aim low tend to get less. There is no way people who aim low can ever achieve high goals. You cannot achieve any goal which you have not   clearly put in your mind.  Therefore you cannot be the best in business if you are not prepared to be the best. You can therefore succeed in life if you aim high.

  • Determination

 The journey to the world of success is full of uncertainties and therefore anyone can easily be discouraged    from continuing with the journey if he or she lacks determination. The journey to the world of success is for people who are determined to succeed at any cost. You have to be firm and focused on your mission in order to achieve it. You have to work hard focused on your mission in order to overcome the challenges which you will encounter in life. During your life journey you will come face to face with failure almost on a daily basis. Failure can   easily overwhelm you if you do not have the determination to continue your journey.  . You should never be discouraged from trying over and over until you overcome the challenges you meet on your way to your mission.

  • Trustworthy

 I have found it easier to advance towards the world of success by   being trustworthy to the people I meet on my way to my mission.  People will only support you if they trust you. Your life should therefore be guided by strong values in order to earn the support from people when you walking towards your mission.

  • Handling people

 Your key responsibility in business is attract, serve and retain customers and you cannot do this unless you have the capacity to handle people in the most acceptable way in order for them to work at their optimal levels. Potential customers will only do business with you if they feel that they are being treated in a fair manner.

  • Communication

I had a friend of mine, a banker, who was quite good at entertaining other   CEOs   and potential customers but didn’t have the courage to tell his guests that he wanted their support in his business. He invited me as a CEO of an international professional services company on many times without asking me for any   support.  Entertaining potential customers is fine but does not serve its   purpose   if you the convenor does not ask the guests for support in his business.

  • Have you done enough practice?

 Success will not come to you unless you are prepared enough to receive it.  You have to develop the business plan which will guide you from the current state to the future state. If you are not prepared, you will not achieve sustainable success even if money comes to you through sheer luck.   You have to prepare and practice to succeed in life before you achieve your mission.

  •  Do not fear to fail

In life you will fail so many times as you work towards your mission. The failures   should not discourage you from moving forward to your   mission.  Remember failure is part of life and you cannot avoid it if you want to succeed in life. It is quite abnormal if you do not   fail in life. The most important bit is for you to learn lessons from failure in order to get courage to move forward.


The journey to success is full of challenges which only determined people can overcome. Success therefore is a reward for people who overcome the life challenges in order to meet their mission.

Author : John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited