We do not try enough to succeed in life.

Have you ever known that success is a function of the number of times you try at achieving your goal?   Yes I have personally found my success on many projects in life  has depended  on my persistence on trying over and over until I succeeded.

I cannot recall  many projects I scored success on my first trial. I had to try and try, sometimes to the point of giving up, that’s when success would knock on my door. In life you have to try many times in order to succeed.  You have had that Thomas Edison failed more than 1,000 times when trying to create the light bulb before he succeeded.  In life you enhance your chances of success through trying. You can learn a lesson of persistence in trying from the dog with a big stick which tried many times to cross the bridge until it succeeded. It would not have succeeded  if it gave up after the first trial. Watch video