How to use your leisure time productively

Each one of us in life we tend to create some leisure time in a day and quite often we spend our free time chatting with friends and families. Sometimes we spend our time watching interesting programs on TV. You may also choose to play, read, or fulfill your other hobbies and interests. While you do all such activities, you should feel the excitement of you doing them in a productive manner. Making the right use of your time cannot only be interesting but also be very satisfying if you can be a little more creative to come out with great productive ideas.

You are how you spend your time, how you use your time shapes you as a given number of hours spent challenging yourself in a given area molds you into an expert.

The following are some of the ways you can use to spend your leisure time productively

Plan your important goals

Use your free time when you are relaxed to think and plan your mission and goals in life. You have to ask yourself the reasons for your existence. This is the time when you are usually in the best mood set to review your goals.


Share your hobbies and interests with others

It is also possible to use your free time productively and earn some money. You can use your hobbies and interests you are skilled at to earn some extra income. For example if you know the skills of football, then you can coach a youth team during your free time for free or at a fee. Many parents want their children engaged in some sort of activity.

Work on your hobby to perfection

Use the free time to work on your hobby to perfection. It is quite perfect to uplift your hobby to a professional level. After perfecting your hobby then you are at liberty to share it with others.

Revisit your network

Use your free time to revisit your network of your friends who will be more supportive during your journey of life. The network must be made of friends who are value adding and not those who just want to waste your time. Specifically seek those friends who you can learn from and lead you to know what you do not know. Use your leisure time to improve your social media. Share your knowledge with others and for sure others will share their knowledge with you.

Use the free time to plan

This is an ideal time for you to plan on how to achieve your mission and goals for your existence.

Handle your outstanding obligations

Use your free time to pay your telephone bill, electricity and water bills instead of waiting to be reminded or disconnected.

Reading and music

You can read an inspiring book and listen to inspiring music during your free time.


Use your free time to dream big as dreaming is the starting point to the world of successful people. Evenings are a wonderful time to let your imagination wonder. You can also enjoy looking at the stars when you are dreaming. Remember to note down your dreams for implementation.


The most fulfilling activity in life is when you share your skills with other people as a volunteer. If you have enough free time at hand, please give it to others by volunteering to do some community work.


Focus on your spirituality

Free time is the perfect time for all things spiritual because you give yourself the space to unwind, reflect, and think about the bigger picture and life’s purpose. Whether or not you are religious, spiritual time is an essential part of being human, and tending to this side of yourself is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. There are many paths to learn about and acknowledge your spiritual self and you can begin by reading and learning all you can.

Spending time at the farm

It feels good when you are at your farm or visit a farm if you do not own one. Enjoy the beauty of animals and crops on the farm. You can also take some time counting wildlife on the farm .The whole exercise is quite refreshing.


Gardening for profit

Keep a garden for profit and not as cost centre. You can grow so many things for sale in your small garden attached to your house. You can grow greens and fruits in containers. Cooking greens and crops from your garden is very satisfying and the taste of food is superb.

Successful people spend their leisure time by doing things what takes them to another level, they come out of their comfort zone with the aim of growing to greater heights.


Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki