Use airtime effectively for your success

With growing trends in information  technology is becoming  cheap and  in one way or the other you are often  required to purchase airtime for  the following purposes ;

  • For your mobile phone if you own one
  • For a friend’s phone in case you wish to borrow one
  • For a friend’s phone to call you.
  • For internet to allow you to surf

Airtime can therefore be used for various purposes including talking on phone, sending a message, surfing on the internet and chatting with your friends on social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin among others. The challenge we are facing is not exactly the cost of airtime but the value benefit of time spent by everyone using the airtime.

Tips on using your airtime wisely


Determine purpose of using airtime for either business or none business purposes. Minimize using airtime time if there is value benefit from using it. Use airtime   to facilitate you during your life journey to the world of success.

Make a budget

Plan on how much money you will spend on airtime for a month to give you the discipline to spend within budget. You should also plan the actual time on the phone and internet.


Make only important calls

Even if the airtime is free, spend only that time you require to give you the right information for decision making. It may be advisable to call only those people who add value to you.

Send SMS

Try as much as possible to use the sending of message option as it saves on time.


Take maximum advantage of internet as it always cheaper than calling and there is a lot of time saved when you compare it to meeting and making calls.  Use the option of chatting if you want quick response from someone.

Encourage people to call you

Try as much as possible to answer your calls to resolve most issues on phone and internet as the two are cheaper than compared to the option of physical meeting.


You must always remember the time allocated to you by the creator is limited and therefore use it wisely.


Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki