Turning failure into success

Learn the lesson

To repeat your mistake is evidence of not having learnt your lesson. Mistakes help you to know which formula does not work so that you can embark on what works.

You can never make the same mistake twice because the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.” Steven Denn

When you fail at a certain point or at something, it’s time to change course. You need to change direction, tools, your friends or your approach. To achieve success, you must keep changing your strategy in the direction of success.


Go the extra mile

Success very much depends on persistence. You must be able to keep moving forward even when it’s difficult and the odds are against you. It is on the extra mile that you meet success. Few people are willing to move out of their comfort zones, they give up at the first sign of failure. People like Thomas Edison did not give up even after 10,000 failures. In the end, he invented the light bulb.


Conquer your mind

Your mind can be your best ally or your greatest enemy. It can tell you that you can’t when you think you can. To conquer your mind is to be able to make it believe what you want it to believe. You can do this by continuously affirming positive things to yourself and disapproving all the negatives your mind brings up. Then you will have the greatest and most important ally for your success.



Failure is only a stepping stone to success if you decide to step on it and move forward. To step forward after failure is to move to success, to keep in the same place is to become a failure and to move backward is to become a quitter.” Julia Kushemererwa


Julia Kushemererwa