How do you turn on your employees?


Motivation are circumstances that cause people to act in such manner that leads to achieve personal and organizational objectives. This will only happen if employees understand the mission of your business. They have to be committed to the achievement of the mission of the organization as motivation comes from within each employee

What can turn on your employees?

There are a number of things which can turn on your employees and the following are some of them;

Importance of employees

In order to attain a certain behavior from employees, the organization must appreciate their importance. The importance of employees is summarized by Anne M. Mulcahy as follows;


Clear mission                 

The employees will also perform to their maximum level if they know the mission ahead of them. The organization must therefore make the mission as clear and attainable as possible.


Working environment

The environment must be conducive to enhance maximum output as the employees spend most of their working and thinking time in the organisation.


 Give them carrots

The organisation should give the employees the following carrots in order to get their maximum output;

  • Tea and other refreshments and snacks
  • Comfortable staff rooms
  • Medical care
  • Sports day
  • Recognizing special performance
  • Get together parties
  • Alumni functions
  • Getting  to know employees as family members

Career development

The organization must create and implement a win win formula for both the organization and the employees. The employees must achieve their personal mission in addition to enabling the organization to achieve its mission.

Respect your employees  

Treat the employees in the same way you want to be treatedquality


Create a listening ear for employees concerns and innovative ideas.  If you do this,  you will be surprised on the number of insights  about your business  the employees will give you . Do not forget it is the employees who manage your business on a daily basis.


The Chief Executive Officer must lead by example. The CEO must believe in the mission of the organization for the employees to believe it.  The CEO must set himself or herself on a highway for the employees to see and follow. They will not follow you if you do not have the right leadership skills.

 Capacity building

The importance of capacity building is summarized in the following quote


Create a culture

Create a value driven culture that is transparent, open to new ideas and promotes lots of creativity and innovation.

Treat employees as your partners

Treat employees as your partners in order to increase their  productivity and a feeling of ownership.


Team spirit

Encourage team spirit within the organization for the employees to achieve organizational and individual goals.


In conclusion

To motivate employees to give their best the organization must recognize the importance of the employees to the organization’s performance. Their opinions must be considered during the decision making process. Give your employees a reason to come to work every day.



John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,