Trusting in God

Dear Lord I do believe that you are the creator and giver of everything

Lord you hate those who trust in other gods, Lord I trust and worship you alone for above all other gods, its only your holy kingdom that reigns over the others

I thank you for creating me in your own image

Help me to have perfect trust in your protecting love and strengthening power,
so that nothing may frighten or worry me,
for living close to you I will see your hand, your purpose and your will through all things.
Lord I put all our trust in you for you never change you are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow

I praise you for your tolerance and forgiveness despite our mistakes

Father for circumstances beyond me I entrust them unto you for you are the overall power

Father as this day unfolds I choose to lean on you and not on my understanding

I choose to step on the path of grace and off the highway of my willfulness

I choose to come out from the fear of failure; I believe you are giving me strength and wisdom to succeed

I believe you are changing my mind to positive mode and as such I will turn challenges into opportunities

I surrender all my plans into your hands, guide me Lord to make right decisions which will enable me to succeed

Lord I entrust you with my life, protect me form the hands of the enemy

I believe you are taking me to another level, I have to fulfill my purpose and mission in life

Lord guide me and walk along with me on my journey of life

Bless me and above all use me to do your will for the glory of your name. Amen