Trust the different parties in your life with caution except one.

It doesn’t matter, the profession, age, race, height, weight, tribe, clan or color. I have come to know that a human being cannot be trusted 100%.

Whether your parents, children, spouse, partner and friend there are times when they will not tell you the truth. They fear that the truth will hurt you!

It can be hurting when the truth is brought to light, most especially if it is a very sensitive matter. You find yourself betrayed by the person you trusted.


You can never be sure of someone else’s thoughts or intentions. Each individual is programmed differently although you can influence the programming.

Each individual’s mind is either positively or negatively programmed.

Be careful the world is full of people who appear to be your friends but can turn against you anytime.

There are very few people who will stand on their word, only the chosen few.

The chosen few are arrived at after a long period of relationship.

When you are successful everybody wants to associate with you.

The purpose is not often to promote but to bring you down.

When you finally come down nobody wants to lift you up again.


I will tell you a story in brief of a man who trusted his dog with his baby, one day he went shopping and left the baby in the house, with the dog laying next. He had done this for a long time.

This time round, when he came back home he saw blood littered around and called the wife saying the dog ate the baby and run away. The wife came home rushing on entering the bedroom they searched everywhere and could not see the baby; they again searched and actually found the baby under the bed unharmed. Then they wondered and by the time they saw the dog it was lying down on the side breathing it’s last with severe wounds,  it had been fighting an enemy that had come to eat the child.

What a hero!! 

 When you are trusted keep the trust till the end in order to succeed in life.


Learn to trust people with caution. Work with everybody and know your limits. The only part of life you can trust 100% is the Master of the Universe.



Kasemiire Agnes Akiiki