Together we can make this world a better place


We are all trustees of this world for future generations. We have therefore to exploit   the resources which nature offers in a sustainable way. We have to maintain a clean environment around us and we must not destroy   the ecosystem. We individually have the responsibility to maintain the environment and create heaven around ourselves.

We have to use our gifts for the benefit of all

We are gifted in different ways so that when we work together we can make this world a heaven on earth.  We could be good at the following;

  •  Singing and dancing
  •  Presentation
  •  Organisation
  •  Treating people
  • Giving advice
  • Teaching
  • Politics
  • Leadership
  • Community work etc

You should  not aim at doing each and everything of the above  including those you are not good at .Do only those activities   that you are good at and others will handle the rest.


We have to concentrate on things we can change

The Master of the Universe has given us the liberty to use resources of the world in a sustainable way for the benefit of all. There are things we can change and there are those we cannot.  There are things which only the Master of the Universe can change like day and night.  To succeed in life you have to concentrate on things which are within your control to change.


We can make hell or heaven on earth

The world we want is that we build and paint in our mind. We will have happy or chaotic world depending on what we have put in our mind.  With our mind, we are able to design and build the type of world we want using the resources made available by the Master of the Universe. Therefore do not blame anybody for the type of world you happen to be in. You have the liberty to change it to the type of world you want.


Use your full potential to change the world

We  are creatures of tremendous potential but not using our potential to optimal level to make this world a better place to live. We tend to underutilise our mind power to the extent we can fail to succeed in life. Remember the world gives you what you put in your mind followed by action. With your mind you can dream and implement anything for the benefit of mankind.  The world may be having challenges because you and me have not done enough to change it.


Yes we can

We have the mandate from the Master of the Universe   to change the world for the benefit of all mankind.  We should not therefore just complain about the state of the world but change it to the world we want.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited