Tips for business success by Dr James Mwangi the CEO of Equity Bank Group

Dr James Mwangi the CEO of Equity Bank Group and the Chairman of Kenya’s Vision 2030 has the following advice to give on your journey to the world of success;

Be a dream maker. An entrepreneur is someone who identifies gaps in products or services and is willing to take risks to make the dream come true.
Do not go it alone. An entrepreneur is dependent on, and relies on, the skills and knowledge of others. But he must be the leader who can bring these people, their skills and their attributes together to create something new and useful.

Clothe yourself in values. Your values are what will attract all the other components you need – capital, expertise, partnerships – to help you make your vision come to life.
Ask yourself what you can do. “What can I do that will be most useful to most people? How can I change the situation so that what is needed is made available to those who need it most?” Make that your vision and goal and go for it.
Be dependable. If people trust you and you deliver time after time, then when you ask them to jump, they will not ask “why?” but “how high?”
Convince yourself. If you cannot convince yourself that your goal will come to pass, you won’t convince anyone else either. Convince yourself first, with good reason, and others will follow.

Be enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm will infect others and set off a chain reaction that makes even the impossible possible.

Be patient. Never stop learning. Learn something new every day and try to apply it to your life and business.

Be humble. Many factors, and many people come together to make success of an enterprise.