Do not be a time waster on the Social media

Your goal

To succeed in life you need access to the potential customers for your goods and services. The social media does just that for you. It gives you access virtually to the whole world.  Your goals for going to the social media must therefore be very clear. The goal must have a positive impact on community as you live in the global village.  There are many reasons for using the social media including the following among others;


Uses of the social media

  • Attracting traffic to your business
  • Advertising  and business promotion
  • Online buying and selling of goods and service
  • Obtaining feedback  on  various matters
  • Conducting surveys
  • Training
  • Passing time
  • Add value to your friends
  • Enhance your image


Things to avoid on social media

  • Use of dirty picture
  • Publicizing private matter
  • Using pseudonym
  • Too much information
  • Spam tagging
  • Use of vague language
  • Use of image as identity
  • Time wasting



Do not complain that you have not achieved your goals when you have access to so many potential customers through the social media. Do business with them.



John Muhaise-Bikalemesa,
Director Big Drum Advisory Services,