Time management plays a key role in your success.

Time is a very scarce commodity as it is limited in supply. The time available to you is limited to the time you will be on earth. Your time on earth is fixed by the Master of the Universe.  You cannot vary the time as it is beyond your capacity. The best you can do is to use your time very effectively on important aspects of your life. But you should always note that the most important aspects of your life are not always urgent.

Do not waste your time

You have 24 hours in a day to accomplish the mission for the day. Focus your time on the achievement of your mission and not on other people’s missions.  Do not give any of your time to time wasters.  Be aware, there are many people who earn a living by wasting other people’s time!


You have to learn to manage your time

I guess very many people would succeed in life if time was not limited. Unfortunately time is limited and there is no way of increasing it. To succeed in life therefore you have to learn to manage your limited time. If you cannot manage your limited time then forget ever succeeding in life.


You cannot regain time lost

Your do not have the capacity to stop your clock so that you can waste some time without it being recorded. Therefore the time you waste is gone forever and will never be regained. You live each time once and you cannot go back to any time in the past to pass some adjusting entries. In order to succeed in life within the time allocated to you, you must stop wasting.


Plan your day

You cannot achieve much if you do not plan your day. Planning makes possible for you to focus on priority areas and   delegate all activities you cannot achieve within the given time available to you.