It is time to light your candle

Light your candle to help others

Why do you think you were created? You were created to succeed in life in order to live this world better than you found it. I am sure you were not created to enjoy yourself without working.  You are not created to fill the world with children who have no care. You were not created to make hell on earth. Why haven’t you burned your talents to light the world? Why haven’t fully used your five senses to give light to others.

Do not wait for others to do your part

You are on your journey of life using the highway you have designed and travelling at your own speed. You cannot interfere with the speed of others by your fast or slow speed because you are travelling on your own highway. You are free to light your candle when you are ready and you do not have to wait for any one. Our journey of life is planned to end at different times.  Do not be scared that the darkness might extinguish your lonely candle. No it cannot. Light your candle for others to be inspired to light theirs.


Protect your candle   

There are some people who may be jealous of the bright light from your candle. There are a number of negative people who are enemies of success. They will wish to extinguish or dim your candle. They want your  candle to be as dim as theirs. They may also want you to be in darkness as they are. You have to protect your candle with all your energy and determination. You have always to remember you cannot succeed in life without overcoming   challenges.


Light your candle even if the world is already bright enough

The light from existing candles may be bright enough to light the world.  This does not mean you abstain from lighting your candle. The light from your candle will add to the powerful light of the world which will keep darkness away from the world. You do not light your candle because others have lit theirs. You light your candle because it is time to light it.


Success and happiness can be found anywhere

It is up to you to find success and happiness as opportunities are everywhere. Opportunities are available all the time whether in the day or night. You just have to remember to light your candle in order to see the road which leads to the world of success and happiness.  There are many around you who are not happy because they forgot to light their candles. It is not too late for you to remind them to light their candles through lighting yours.




John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited