The spirit of sharing is necessary for success


Sharing is when you give some of your resources and knowledge to others with the aim of helping them to overcome their challenges. For example if you have an orchard, you can share your orchard knowledge with others who may wish to venture into orchard farming. It is expected that others will also share the knowledge they have  in their area of specialisation with you. I believe we have enough resources in the world to share except some people just hoard resources and knowledge  for the sake of it and  are not willing to share with others.


Building up future demand

We are all engaged in activities aimed at producing goods and services which will be consumed by the current and potential customers. We have therefore  to take part in creating future demand  through investing in  capacity of people around us to succeed in life. The people around us are prevented from succeeding in life mainly because of ignorance, poverty and diseases among others. As responsible global citizens we can work together to overcome the above challenges. I am not in any way advocating for cash or resources distribution for free on a permanent basis but to give a hand in building of the capacity of people around us.


Helps to build relationships

It becomes easy and cheap to build beneficial relationship with other people during the process of sharing resources and knowledge in your given field with others. In addition your organisation will also become visible to the customers and other key stakeholders.


Capacity building

Sharing of resources and information through a workshop or a meeting called specifically for the purpose enhances the capacity of the participants. The participants are able to share the best practices in order to improve their capacity in dealing with their current and potential customers.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited