The Customer is the King

The importance of customers

The customers of today have many suppliers from whom they can  get goods and services . They will only come to your business for supplies because of the quality customer service your business offers. Customers want to get supplies from providers who understand their needs and who are prepared to receive them. Customers tend to go where they are welcomed to feel at home.

It should be noted that no business can exist without customers. Businesses exist because of customers. It is important therefore for all staff to appreciate their key role is to attract , serve and retain  customers. The staff of the company should therefore be at the service of the customer all the time.

We should not forget that customers have more influence on the market than any business promotion activities. Customers’ endorsement of the company’s products and services is very important. It is extremely very cheap and effective to sale the products and services of the company through the existing customers.

It is also important to remember that the better you are at customer service the more you will save in advertising costs and the more you will earn in terms of revenue. The customers love to be treated like kings and they will brag about the quality service and the products and services of the company with everybody they meet.

The role of staff

The key role of the staff of the company therefore includes the following;

  • Attraction phase

All staff must win customers to the business

  • Service phase

All the staff must be prepared to serve the customer

  •  Maintenance phase

The company must keep in touch with the customers after service deliver

The service offered at all phases must meet the needs of the customer.

Customer service menu

There is a lot that an organization has to consider in order to render quality services. The following are the highlights;

  • The reason for existing in business is to render quality service to customers which meets their needs
  • The customer is very important to the business and must be accorded VIP status
  • The company staff are all at the service of the customers
  • To serve customers  the staff  must be very good listeners to what the customers  are saying
  • The staff have to possess the ability to identify and anticipate customers’ needs.
  • You should make customers feel at home
  • Thank you to your customers is very mportant
  • You have to educate the customers on the company’s  methods of working for them to appreciate the speed of delivery
  • Be helpful to customers
  • You should always provide prompt service
  • Explain any delays or inconveniences to the customers
  • Deliver more value than the money paid through other value add activities
  • Get regular feedback from customers and act on the feedback
  • The customers are tuned on by personal touch especially from senior management

The importance of staff

It is important to note that quality service is delivered through the staff of an organisation. The staff must be happy, committed and working as a team to deliver the quality service.  The staff must appreciate the importance of customers. They must have the ability to link the organisation to the customers.

What to avoid

The following actions which chase away customers should be avoided at all costs;

  • Failure to return customers calls
  • Long waiting on free toll line for customer service
  • Being unable to promptly  reach the  company on  telephone
  • Unhelpful or rude  customer service staff
  • Telling lies on phone forgetting that could be in the building or watching you.
  • Giving excuses for poor service instead of explaining and giving appropriate apology.
  • Making customers to make long lines to receive service
  • Unsolicited marketing calls or advertisements
  • Making customers wait in uncomfortable place

Blessing in disguise

You should always remember complaints from customers about poor quality service avails you an opportunity to improve. What the client wants is an explanation and appropriate apology and then it will business as usual. Clients hate any attempt to give excuses for poor service.

In conclusion the customers are the reason we exist in business and should be accorded all the VIP treatment in order for them to continue buying our goods and services.