Thanks Lord I  have legs to  walk

Lord I thank you for my perfect legs

It is arrogance on my part to take my legs as given

Lord you created me with perfect  legs for a purpose

I thank you Lord   for my legs

I can walk without any assistance

I can stand on my own

I can dance

I can climb trees

I can run and play any game involving the use of legs

I can run away from danger

I can go on my own to where the opportunities are

Lord forgive me for taking you for granted

Lord shower me with wisdom

Wisdom which can enable me to use my legs for your glory

With wisdom I will able to travel to places where I can worship you

With wisdom I will be stand and see far

With wisdom I will be able to understand the purpose why you gave me the legs

Lord I accept my legs are to be used for your glory

Lord I pray for guidance so that I can use my legs in accordance with your plan. Amen