Lord we come to you with our open hearts as we enter the New Year

Father Lord we praise, we adore you, we glorify your name King of Glory

There is none like you, you are alone are Holy Lord

Father we thank you for enabling us to finish the previous year successfully

We ask you to forgive us of our shortfalls in the previous year

We thank you Father for both blessings and challenges in the previous year

We thank you Lord for you have enabled us to enter the New Year

By your grace Lord here we come, many have not made it to this New Year

But Father you have given us an opportunity to enter this New Year

Who are we not to thank you and glorify your Holy Name Lord?

We pray for our departed brothers and sisters throughout the world, grant them eternal rest and may your perpetual light shine upon them.

We surrender our bodies, souls and spirits into your hand in this New Year

Father we beseech you to continuously be present in our lives

Father manifest in ourselves we pray

Teach us Lord your ways, show us your path of righteousness

Father may we become closer to you in this New Year than ever before

May we adore You alone, may we know that you are the overall God,

We pray that we will remain faithful and committed to you alone

Send us your Holy Spirit to always guide us in everything

Protect us Lord from the snares of the evil one in this New Year and always

Father Lord bless our families, nations and our land

Lord bless our leaders in various denominations and guide them in everything they do that it may be for the glory of your name.

Father bless our plans in this New Year we surrender them into your hand

Lord open our eyes to know our purpose in life and hold us Lord by your hand as we move on our journey

Lord give us the wisdom we require to overcome challenges as we meet them along our path

Give is the wisdom to turn challenges into opportunities

We pray for those who are lost, those who do not know you yet Lord, that your Light may shine upon them this New Year

Lord make the year a catalyst for light, inspiration and love

Father Lord we surrender our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate, we bring you the sick, the homeless, the widowed, the handicapped, the depressed and all those in different kinds of suffering. Lord have mercy on your children, let them have hope and trust in you alone. Provide for their needs according to your glorious riches in heaven. Let them have a testimony Lord. Let them receive your miracle Lord we pray.

Lord let the New Year be filled with success, joy, happiness, peace and renewal

Lord give us peace and prosperity in our nations for the glory of your name.

Lord make us a channel through which your blessings flow in this New Year and always

Lord we pray for your continued provision in the New Year and always

Grant us Lord all our hearts desires in this New Year

Teach us how to pray and to be patient when we don’t get what we want

We pray that we may continue trusting in you alone

We pray Lord that you teach to forgive those who wrong us

Lord let this New Year be a year of renewal and spiritual growth

Father we surrender our lives into your hand for the glory of your name. Amen