Dear Father, King of Glory I thank you for your wonders and miracles Lord

I thank you for what you have done in our lives and what you are yet to do

I thank you for today

I thank you Lord for you are always with me

I thank you for the challenges I have gone through by your grace

I thank you for giving me the light where there is darkness


Thank you for creating a path for me

Thank you for giving me hope and a reason to live once again

Thank you Lord for your unconditional love

Thank you for your uncountable blessings

Thank you for the wisdom you have given me

Thank you for the health and the gift of family and friends


Thank you for everyone who has had a positive impact on my life

Father when I fall down you lift me up


Father you are the protector of my life

Lord I am always grateful to you for your great deeds

Father the reason I live is to worship you

You are wonderful Lord,

All honor and glory is yours almighty Father forever and ever Amen.


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