Thank you Lord for this Sunday

Lord the Master of the Universe who is adored, worshiped and glorified

I thank you for this wonderful day you have given me

I thank you for the gift of life

I thank you for all the blessings and the unconditional love

For I pray that you speak to me so that I can hear your holy voice

Lord talk to me and guide me today

Teach me and show me your path of righteousness

Let me lean on you alone alone

Lord I put all my trust in you

I surrender my body, soul and spirit in your hands

Father make me a new creature and give me more wisdom to be able to overcome my challenges

Guide me to fulfill my purpose and mission in life

Above all use me to do your will for the glory of your name

As I am about to rest tonight Lord take full control of my life,

speak to me in my dreams and enable me to wake up with determination and right strategies which will enable me to succeed in life. Amen