Thank you Lord for the night

Thank you Lord for the night

Dear Master of the Universe

Thank you for creating the night for me to rest

Thank you for the silent night

Thank you for slow blowing wind

Thank you for the soft singing of the creatures which do not sleep at night

Thank you for the sleep I am about to enjoy

I pray for your protection against my enemies

As I will be totally asleep and defenceless

I am already too tired and ready for sleep as I pray

Master remain   in-charge of my life when I am asleep

As I will not hear or feel anything

Thank you for being with me up to now

Thank you for the abundant love

Dear Master wake me to see another beautiful day

Strengthen me and protect me when I am asleep

Lord when time comes open my eyes and ears to spot opportunities

Lord when time comes open my eyes and ears to spot challenges

Lord shower with me with your wisdom to overcome challenges

Dear Master remain in-charge till the end of the day








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