Thank you Lord I can walk

Thank you Lord I can walk without any support

I can move to wherever I want

I can dance and play

I can run and do exercises

I can climb trees, hills and mountains

I can defend myself using my legs

Thank you Lord for the gift of legs

I can stand to see far

I can work with the legs

Lord I had not known and appreciated the importance of my legs but now I know

I can ride a bicycle

I can wear nice shoes

I can wear trousers

I can swim

Without legs Lord I would have missed out a lot.

Lord shower me with your wisdom to guide me

The wisdom should guide me to use the legs for your glory

The legs should bring me near to you

Let me use my legs to carry out acts of charity

Let use my legs, Lord, to create abundance

Lord guide and protect me so that I can  use my legs for your glory. Amen