Thank you lord for your blessings

Almighty Lord, I thank you for this great day

Thank You for opening the gates of heaven and pouring out blessings.

I thank you for the gift of life

I thank you for all my accomplishments

Lord I thank you for giving me perfect senses

For I can move forward without anybody’s help

I have wisdom to discern good from bad

I have wisdom to overcome my daily challenges

I pray that you walk along with me on my journey of life

Guide me in my purpose and mission in life

Thank you for my successes and challenges.

I have learnt a lot through them.

Thank you for my positive approach to life

Lord keep my mind fixed in a positive mode.

Thank you for supplying all my needs in accordance with your will.

Lord I surrender myself into your hand, use me to do your will.

In your holy name I pray. Amen