Top 10 warning signs of employee fraud.

In my previous employment capacities, I was in charge of recruitment, development and retention of employees among other staff matters for a number of years. This has enabled me to understand what determines the culture of the organisation. On moral issues, I can say with confidence that majority of employees are quite honest and trustworthy […]

Is your attitude a smoke screen for fraud?

Certain behaviour of some managers is intended to scare off staff from asking the right questions about   what is happening.  Some managers are quarrelsome or behave in away intended to keep staff away   from them. Staff can only approach them if they are looking for problems.  The   behaviour may be intended to divert the focus […]

Warning signs for business security breach

For purposes of this article business security breach is when unauthorised people or applications gain access to our IT based management information. It is also a business security breach when unauthorised people gain physical access to your business premises.  It is important to note that the purpose for gaining access is always for malicious or […]

Can thefts in the office be eliminated?

Office thefts cannot be 100% eliminated but  can be minimised if positive  steps are taken to prevent, discover and deal with them.  It is also important to note that people steal only assets and information of value that is left unattended. Therefore office thefts will flourish if management does not take positive steps in creating […]

How do you respond to fraud as an organisation?

The fraud response plan should include a formal commitment (policy) by the board on   high legal, ethical and moral standards to be observed for purposes of ensuring that a proper ethical business culture is established within the organisation. Fraud policy   A fraud policy should demonstrate the determination of the organisation in fighting fraud (unethical […]

You may be a fraudster without your knowledge! Find out.

You may not know whether you are fraudster or not until you know the definition of a fraud. Fraud relates to wrongful or immoral or criminal activities intended to result in financial or personal gain to the fraudsters. The gain may not necessarily be in cash as it can take many forms. For example using […]

You are responsible for frauds taking place  in your organisation

I have sometimes asked myself who is responsible for frauds which take place in the organisation? Is it the shareholders, is it the board, is it management or is it the staff responsible for frauds that take place in the organisation?  In my view it is a shared responsibility with the board, management and staff […]