Life is step by step

  Life is a journey which is travelled step by step Each step moves forward Each step will never be repeated Each step has its own challenges Each step has its own experience Each step has its own lessons Each has its own happiness and joy Each step has its own misery   The most […]

Good Evening

Evenings cool down the afternoon heat which allow the sun to set and open up the skies for the stars to shine. Evening  washes away the worries of the day and gets you  ready to relax after work. Remember not to carry work for today to the next day, this will make you think about […]

Light your candle to make the world a better place

Light your candle to help others

To succeed in life you have to take positive action   towards the world of success. Success will not find you in your comfort zone. It will not come to you when you are not working. Success is attracted by people who are looking for it. You have to light your own fire in mind to […]

His Holiness Pope Francis you are welcome to Uganda

Uganda will be the second country in African to be visited by His Holiness Pope Francis . The Vatican Radio has released the program for Pope Francis’ Apostolic Voyage to Uganda from November 27th to 29th 2015.  The Pope’s visit to Africa will start from Kenya from 25th to 27th 2015 before coming to Uganda […]

Human Compassion

Human compassion relates to the way we whole heartedly think about others and the action we take when need arises of helping those in need. The following are ways of expressing human compassion to others Being considerate to others Respect the people around you and avoid making a nuisance of yourself. Make others feel comfortable […]

Live Today as if it is Your Last Day on Earth

The day is over and gone and never to come again. What has been done is done and cannot be changed. I have failed to live today as if it is my last day on earth, balancing everything and reconciling  with everyone I have  not been in good terms with . Tomorrow creates an opportunity […]

Help other people if you want peace of mind

Help other people if you want peace of mind

There are so many people in the world who are faced with life challenges which they cannot overcome on their own. The challenges include hunger, floods, drought, outbreak of infectious diseases, challenges of old age, poverty, and ignorance among others. We are expected as good citizens of the world to uplift, inspire or give to […]